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service designed to give you an edge
service designed to give you an edge


It’s difficult to sit through a drawdown in price or to make money in a bear market…unless you are leveraged trading and taking advantage of volatility.  CryptoCharged hosts live trading sessions, explaining how to use leverage,  the thought process behind going long and short, and entry/exit points.  You can also be conservative with leverage by hedging your positions to the downside.  Here are some of the recent wins:

The smartest way to
invest in Crypto

Crypto investments are full of potential, but where do you start? 

With over 10,000 coins to choose from, how do you decide which coins have the strongest use cases, reputable teams, and best upside potential?

We do all the heavy lifting for you with hundreds of hours of fundamental & technical research so you can make educated investing decisions. We tell you what we’re buying, when we’re buying it, and when we’re selling it.



A. What If I Don’t’ Have the Time? 

If you can carve out 20 minutes a day during the week to listen in the car while driving or before bed that is all you need. We provide a daily update that is very easy to digest as well as buy and sell signal on over 40 cryptocurrencies. Our team does hundreds of hours of research per month, so you don’t have too!

B. I Don’t Understand Crypto:

Just imagine if we had been able to invest in internet protocols like HTTP and TCP-IP back in the ‘90s before the internet took off. These protocols would have been worth trillions of dollars. They underly every transaction we make and all forms of communication. Yet they were open source, and there was no way to invest in those protocols, but rather it was the applications built on them (google, Facebook, amazon) were where all the wealth generation occurred. That’s what’s different about cryptocurrencies. This time, we can invest directly in the underlying technology. As adoption of the technology soars, so does the value of the cryptocurrency that represents that tech. Any new technology is difficult to understand but you do not need to understand how oxygen works to be able to breathe, just as you do not need to know how every crypto works to earn profit on that protocol.

C. I Have No Idea How to Get Started:

Everyone feels this way when they’re diving into something new! We look at four simple components before making an investing decision: charts, the team behind the project, macro-economic environment & the mechanics of the project. The team walks you through these components for all the Crypto Charged hot picks AND teaches you how to identify opportunities for yourself.

D. Is it too late to Invest in Crypto?

Cryptocurrency is the most unique market in the world, open 24/7 offering lucrative investing opportunities, regardless of if the market is trending up or down. We show you our strategies for both long and short-term investing, capitalizing on market volatility.

E. How do I keep my cryptocurrency holdings safe?

Keeping your crypto holdings on a “cold wallet” is the best way to ensure you do not fall subject to a hack! If you do not use a cold wallet, be sure to never click on links you are unsure about as well as spreading your crypto out between multiple wallets!

F. Is the US Going to Ban Crypto?

While this is a concern for many people it is a good assumption that the US will not be banning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. As more and more regulation come in the more clarity we get on the subject. The Federal Reserve has come out a stated “U.S. Has No Plans To Ban Bitcoin and Crypto”

G. I Don’t Have Enough Money to Invest:

Unlike the Stock market, you buy fractional cryptocurrency shares. Even if you only have $100 to invest, you can purchase Bitcoin or other cryptos. The important thing to remember when investing is that it’s not necessarily about how much you invest, but the percentage return. Cryptocurrencies offer the best returns out of any other asset class since their inception, and with it still so early, there is much opportunity to be had…even with smaller dollar amounts.

H. Crypto is Too Risky:

While Cryptocurrencies are volatile, since they started to be traded on exchanges, they have only gone up over time. Long term investors should be well rewarded, albeit there are market cycles that can cause significant declines, so timing is important for short term/swing traders. It’s also important to note that there are other ways to earn a return in the crypto space, like staking or lending. These are passive investments that have very little risk and can offer high single digit returns or more. Remember that in a decentralized market, middlemen like banks are removed. Instead of the bank paying you 0.06% on your deposits, lending out at a higher rate, and earning the spread, you can earn high levels of passive income at very low risk.

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Get weekly on-chain newsletter written by the top analysis in the industry and one of our founders Dan Habib. A deep dive of what the market in crypto and fiat currency is looking like and what to expect.
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Consumable On-chain Analysis
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